Africa Institute of Mind: Website

**Use Case: Amplifying Mental Health Advocacy with the African Institute of Mind**

The African Institute of Mind, a dedicated team of African coaches, counsellors, mental health advocates, psychologists, and psychiatrists, was making waves in the field of mental health. With over fifty years of combined experience, they were passionate about supporting mental well-being and empowering individuals across the African continent. However, to further their advocacy and reach a larger audience, they needed a digital platform that would echo their commitment to mental health.

They approached us with the vision of a website that would serve as a beacon of mental health resources and support. We set out to create a design that was as compassionate and professional as their team. The design was warm and inviting, reflecting their commitment to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting accessible services for all.

The final product was a comprehensive website that not only showcased their services but also served as a platform for mental health education and advocacy. This digital platform became a key tool for the African Institute of Mind, enabling them to connect with more individuals, amplify their advocacy, and make a lasting impact on mental health in Africa.